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Empowerment and Resilience Support Group


Runs every Thursday from 6:00-7:15 pm. Contact our advocate Jackie for more information about the support group.

Notice: The next support group will kick off in late July – early August.

Note: This is a peer lead support group; this is not a therapy-based group. *If you wish to seek therapy services, I can speak with you and provide more information about therapy services.

Support Group Breakdown:

  • This group runs for 6 consecutive weeks.
  • To maintain consistency within the group, I will not accept new clients once the first week starts.
  • Clients are asked to turn off their camera and mute themselves BEFORE joining the group. Clients will have the chance to turn on their cameras and unmute themselves after I conclude the topic discussion.
  • Each week I will be introducing a new topic which will be followed by a facilitated group discussion.
  • Each topic aims to inform and educate its members about the benefits of each topic and how it can potentially help redirect negative thoughts or patterns into something positive.

Rules and Regulations

  • The group discussions are meant to provide a safe space for its members and allow them to share their thoughts and feelings.
  • Anyone that is actively being inappropriate or disrespectful towards members of the group will be removed and not allowed to return.
  • The goal of this group is to provide emotional, psychological, and moral support for its members via a facilitated group discussion.

Disclaimer: Due to the sensitivity of the topics that are discussed during the support group sessions, the facilitator will pre-screen potential clients before enrolling them into the support group and will determine if they are a good fit. If they are not, the facilitator will provide appropriate referrals.




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